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Hasan Mohammad, Ph.D.

Research Fellow (2017-2022)

Research Scientist (group leader), University of Strasbourg

Menghan Wang, Ph.D.

Research Fellow (2019-2022)

Innovation Manager, StartupX

Siew Cheng Phua, Ph.D.

Research Fellow (2018-2021)

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, NUS

Sarah Xinwei Luo, Ph.D.

Research Fellow (2015-2020)

Principal Investigator at IMCB, ASTAR

Qin Li, Ph.D.

Research Fellow (10.2015 to 08.2017)

Associate Investigator at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chun-yao Lee, PhD

Research Scientist (2017-2020)

Director of a CRO company

Yulin Tan

Intern Student (06.2017 to 08.2018)

PhD candidate at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Jing Xuan Lim

Intern Student (01.2017 to 06.2017)

PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University​


Visiting PhD Student

Xianming Wu

Visiting MS Student

Yanmin Peng, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar

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