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12 Dec 2020

Dr. WANG Menghan was awarded A*STAR Career Development Award (CDA)

The CDA is designed to support young investigators in preparing competitive proposals for grants such as AME IRG/YIRG and NRF Fellowship, through the following:

  • Allow young investigators to prove a concept or test a theory and also to explore novel concepts,

  • Generate preliminary and meaningful data to support the investigators’ proposed concepts,

  • Provide an opportunity to demonstrate potential for independence and to gain experience in leading and developing junior staff.

3 Dec 2020

Dr. FU Yu was selected as an EMBO Global Investigator

see the news release here:

The EMBO Global Investigator Network was launched in 2019 with the aim to support the next generation of scientific leaders that have started their laboratories in EMBC Associate Member States (currently India and Singapore) or in countries or territories covered by a cooperation agreement with EMBC (currently Chile and Taiwan). The network provides the selected scientists with opportunities to interact with other researchers in the same region and life scientists based in Europe (particulary EMBO Young Investigators and Installation Grantees), allowing for the establishment of new collaborations. EMBO Global Investigators receive funding for various networking and meeting possibilities.

6 Nov 2020

Dr. Sarah Luo was awarded NRF fellowship

see the news release here:

NRF aims to develop a strong science research and manpower base in Singapore. It runs initiatives to attract and retain top scientists, support competitive funding of research, establish world-leading research centres and engage eminent science and technology leaders.

The Singapore NRF Fellowship provides opportunities for early career researchers to carry out independent research in Singapore, over a five-year period. It is open to all areas of science and technology and outstanding young scientists and researchers of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Each Fellow is provided with a research grant to support projects that exhibit high likelihood of a research breakthrough. The research grant can be used to cover personnel, equipment and consumables costs.

3 Nov 2020

Dr. PHUA Siew Cheng and Dr. Hasan Mohammad were each awarded a YIRG grant

Young Individual Research Grant (YIRG) is a sub-category of IRG and a step for the new investigator to a first independent national level grant. The YIRG is provided to support the conduct of research proposals in basic and translational clinical research that are relevant to human health and wellness as well as research that looks at the causes, consequences, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases.

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